let’s play a game called “are people being too sensitive about this issue or is it a legitimate problem and i’ve just internalized more prejudice than i thought”

ps you can’t win and the game never ends


Jon Siegel
In Shibuya That Night, 2013

GHOSTBUSTERS → "We came, we saw, we kicked it’s ass!”
Three eccentric parapsychologists, Petra Pradhan, Léon Whitmore and Jackie Venkman (Kaling, Zamata and Peretti) team up with a tough-talking retired grifter Nancy Monroe (Beatriz) in order to jump start the ghost-hunting business started by Venkman’s father and his associates two decades ago.
Also starring BJ Novak as Harrison Bell, the Ghosbusters’ cute secretary who has a huge, debilitating crush on Petra Pradhan.